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Visions and Values

Our values are based on the belief that WE CARE for all our children.


Through our teaching and learning we encourage our children to have a sense of


for God's amazing universe and the achievements of others all around the world.

Our children learn the importance and value of hard work and


so they can all enjoy success and feel proud of their themselves as people and learners.

As a school we work together, supporting ourselves as well as others around us. We teach the children the values of


and Christian love.

God loves us all, whoever we are, and we therefore teach all our children the importance of


so they can all succeed and enjoy rich, fulfilled lives. Lives in which they have true


for others and


for life-long learning.


Mission Statement

The school will preserve and develop its unique character, providing an environment where children grow into well educated, caring and loving young people, in partnership with parents, the Church and the community.


We work together to share the peace and love of Jesus Christ with everyone.
To help us understand the values we need for life, in our worship this year we will explore the themes of generosity, compassion, courage, forgiveness, friendship and respect.

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