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Owl Class (Yr 5/6) 2019-2020

Home Learning Week 2

Home Learning Week 2 1 Sabela's octopus report! I love this!
Home Learning Week 2 2 Amelia's stunning sheep landscape. Beautiful!
Home Learning Week 2 3 Newly crafted sheep hat for our daily walk!

'Chase the Rainbow' initiative.

'Chase the Rainbow' initiative.  1 Beautiful rainbow Bea!
'Chase the Rainbow' initiative.  2 Ed's brilliant rainbow!
'Chase the Rainbow' initiative.  3 Miss Merritt's crochet rainbow!
'Chase the Rainbow' initiative.  4 Work in progress.
'Chase the Rainbow' initiative.  5 Mrs Merritt made one too!

Home learning Week 1

Home learning Week 1 1 Sabela has become an animal expert!
Home learning Week 1 2 Scarlett is becoming an expert darts player!
Home learning Week 1 3 Scarlett has enjoyed maths in the sunshine!
Home learning Week 1 4 Grace taking care of her animal family members!
Home learning Week 1 5 Grace building and planting her vegetable patch.
Home learning Week 1 6 Grace reading in the glorious sunshine.
Home learning Week 1 7 I'm a huge fan of Luella's octopus artwork!
Home learning Week 1 8 Ed's home learning timetable!
Home learning Week 1 9 Ed's work space!
Home learning Week 1 10 The Carter family enjoying the Oare countryside!
Home learning Week 1 11 Incredible artwork from George.
Home learning Week 1 12 Stunning sunset by Harry.

Hello!  We are Miss Merritt and Mrs Osborn and we teach Owl Class. Mrs Kapoor is our very knowledgeable teaching assistant. 


We love to be creative in Owl Class and when not teaching, Miss Merritt is often found sketching in her drawing journal, sewing beautiful Merrimaker creations, roller skating or hiking across Wiltshire in the early hours. Mrs Osborn inevitably is following some musical pursuit with a particular passion for playing Mozart and Chopin on the flute or piano, spending holidays renovating her cottage (it will end one day!), gardening and looking after her menagerie of animals with her three children and husband!  We both love the Wiltshire landscape and very much enjoy bringing our creative passions into Owl Class.


We love to join forces with Owl Class to create an exciting and inspirational learning environment and are always impressed with how our pupils respond to our topics.  We had a focus on Harry Potter for the Autumn, exploring the initial enquiry question "Does good always triumph over evil?".  During the Spring term we became experts on WW2. Owls enjoyed a trip to STEAM in Swindon to experience a day in the life of an evacuee, we were lucky enough to be visited by a fascinating WW2 RAF pilot, Ken and we uncovered lots of family history involving this period. 


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