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Welcome to the PTA section.


Current Committee                                                                         


Rachael Giddings                           Chair                                                                  

Becky Thompson                           Vice-Chair                                                       

Sanchia Silver                                 Secretary                                 

Verity Langfield                               Treasurer    

Susie Vigar-Smith                           Committee member

Heather Martin                               Committee member            


Gudrun Osborn                              Head of School

Amanda Kapoor                             Teaching Assistant Representative


The PTA committee are elected each year at the AGM in early October and hold meetings every half term to plan the year's fundraising events and discuss how best to spend the money raised. All parents and carers are welcome at the PTA meetings you do not have to be a committee member to attend.


Over the last two years the PTA facilitated the purchase of 22 iPads, 22 laptops and supporting equipment for use across the school. This would not be possible without the enthusiasm of the children and continued support of the parents and staff. We couldn't do it without you!