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Visitor's Information


All visitors/contractors are to sign in at reception where they will be issued with a visitors lanyard.This must be displayed at all times whilst on site.  Please return all lanyards to reception on departure.



Should it be necessary to evacuate the premises the main assembly point is located on the playground at the back of the school.  The fire alarm is a continuous bell.



All accidents should be reported to the Administration Officer.  Accidents will be recorded in the School Accident Book.


Toilet Facilities

Visitors/Contractors are to use the staff toilet facilities.



The school maintains an asbestos register. Regular monitoring is undertaken to ensure that damage or deterioration does not occur.  The asbestos register must be consulted prior to any intrusive works carried out.



*take photos or make recordings of any young person unless it is a part of an agreed reason for your visit;


*instigate verbal or physical contact with young people unless it is appropriate and a part of an agreed reason for your visit;


*respond to verbal or physical contact from young people.  If this occurs, or you have any other concerns about behaviour then report it immediately to the Head of School;


*give any personal information to any young person, for example your name, address, telephone or mobile number or email address or access to a social networking site;


*accept or respond to a young person attempting to give your personal information for example their name, address, telephone or mobile number or email address or access to a social networking site;


*accept physical or verbal abuse from a young person.  DO NOT respond yourself but report immediately to the Head of School;


*use any school facilities e.g. toilets, changing rooms etc unless you have been previously authorised to do so.



*be aware that verbal interaction with young people may be interpreted by them as offensive or as harassment, even if this was not your intention;


*report any unacceptable behaviour from a young person or another visitor to the Head of School;


*be aware that contact made outside of the school environment as a result of you coming into contact with a young person whilst you are on a school site may have an impact on your employment;


Keeping Who Safe?

Adults visiting or working on a school site play an important part in the life of a school, whether helping to build or maintain the building or visiting as part of the school’s wider community.


We can all play a part in keeping young people safe whilst working on or visiting a school site.  This is whether you are directly employed by the school, or working as a contractor or sub-contractor.


Keeping young people safe is covered by the Government Guidance (DfES Safeguarding Children in Education guidance 2018).


Our actions can sometimes be perceived in a way that was not intended.  We want to promote safe working practices for everyone on a school site, whatever your job.


We must also take steps to keep ourselves safe.  To keep yourself safe from possible allegations, please follow this advice.