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Who's Who





Head of School


Administration Officer


Mrs Gudrun Osborn


Mrs Claire Evans

School Business Manager


Mrs Davina Nichols


Finance Officer Mrs Clarissa Watson

Reception, Y1 and Y2 teacher


Mrs Tara Pike/ Mrs Suzanna Dodson

Year 3 and Year 4 teacher


Miss Allison Davies (deputising teacher, in Mrs Osborn's absence)


Year 5 and Year 6 teacher


Miss Rachel Merritt / Mrs Gudrun Osborn


Cuckoo Club Supervisor


Mrs Amanda Kapoor and Miss Natalie Santiago


Support Staff


Mrs Amanda Kapoor, Mrs Heidi Saunders and Mrs Rebecca Beevor


MDSA (lunchtime supervisors)


Mrs Amanda Kapoor, Mrs Becky Thompson and Mrs Rebecca Beevor


School Bus Driver


Mr Barry Lord and Mr Peter Vallis




Mrs Gudrun Osborn